Rumito is the ideal platform to develop global solutions using blockchain technology.
A wide range of industries like financial markets, healthcare, education, and many more can benefit from Rumito’s unique and future-ready infrastructure.
Build on top of the existing Rumito ecosystem, or integrate Lachesis into your technology stack.
Financial markets:Digital Asset
With Rumito, you can easily create digital assets to better monetize traditional financial instruments, gain access to a global investor audience, and improve liquidity while speeding up processes.

Institutional Finance: Clearing and settlement
Blockchain makes back-office processes more efficient by eliminating intermediaries and siloed infrastructure and keeps transactional safety while eliminating custodial risk. Near real-time settlement becomes a reality, together with cost savings of up to 70%.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
CBDC is a novel solution for central banks to provide financial stability while making interbank settlements faster, transactions cheaper and the financial ecosystem more accessible for people.
Decentralized Finance
DeFi is a new financial system that allows everyone to earn money in new ways globally. With DeFi, anyone in the world can use all the financial tools that have been limited to the top 1%. DeFi makes Finance open and permissionless while increasing the efficiency of economic processes.
Tokenized Real Estate
Real Estate tokenization enables better access to real estate investments for individuals. For institutions, it means streamlined operations, a wider investor pool, and alternative financing vehicles. Digitalization and fractionalization of real estate make secondary markets more liquid and attract new investors.

Smart Healthcare
By validating the authenticity of pharmaceuticals, blockchain minimizes health risks. Sensitive patient data can be stored securely, ensuring confidentiality while improving data sharing.

Supply Chain management
Digital processes constitute a vast improvement in efficiency and transparency over current operations. Blockchain enables real-time traceability, identifying counterfeit goods more effectively.