We are building a highly scalable blockchain ecosystem
Join our community to make this vision a reality.

At Rumito, we’re committed to providing technology that combines scalability, decentralization, and security.

To turn this vision into reality, the Rumito Network is developing different parts of an open system and closely works with partners to support the adoption of Rumito.

We are blockchain developers

The Rumito Network has experience with blockchain development across the whole technology stack. From developing a consensus algorithm from scratch to middleware and a full-featured software suite, we built it.

We are blockchain integrators

We made Rumito’s consensus fully compatible with the Cosmos SDK and the Ethereum Virtual Machine to allow anyone to use it in a network that best fits their needs. Through the EVM, developers can utilize smart contracts on top of Rumito, and it allows projects to port their existing Ethereum dApps over to Rumito easily.

Addtionally, Lachesis is ABCI compatible and can be seamlessly integrated into other blockchains as a separate consensus module.

About us
Rumito Network is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a more democratic and efficient future. Our team is made up of engineers, scientists, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs who share the same vision. Together, we’re working to improve everyone’s lives by making advanced technologies more accessible and seamlessly integrated. True to the maxim of decentralization, our team is distributed across the world.


  • Max Holden


  • Eva Stark
    Customer Support
  • Julia Bush
    Design Director
  • Carlos Lott
    Marketing Director