DeFi on Rumito

Rumito offers the first DeFi stack built on an aBST consensus. It’s much faster, cheaper, and more reliable and secure than its predecessors.
On Rumito, you can use your RTM to mint RUSD and access the DeFi tools. You can use RUSD to trade synthetic assets, or lend it to earn interest and borrow synthetic tokens.

Get started instantly

Access DeFi right from your wallet – start trading and lending instantly. There is no registration or setup.

Fully decentralized

You’re always in control of your keys and can trade from your computer or your personal device.

Next-gen DeFi platform

Unlock a whole new way of decentralized trading. Transactions on Rumito are almost instant and cost a fraction of a penny.

Mint RUSD with RMint

  • Mint RUSD using your RTM
  • 500% collateral ratio
  • Rebalance at any time.
RMint is the gateway to Fantom DeFi.
Mint RUSD, the stablecoin on Fantom pegged 1:1 to the USD price, using your RTM.
Choose the amount you want to mint and rebalance at any time by adding or removing RTM.

Repay the RUSD you minted at any time, unlocking your RTM.

Trade synths on RSwap

  • 176 synthetic tokens, including RBTC and RETH
  • Fully decentralized trading
  • No slippage
  • Trade without leaving your walle
Buy and sell synthetic assets directly from your Fantom wallet. Use your RTM or RUSD to trade 176 assets that represent tokens outside the Fantom ecosystem. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies.
Do you think Bitcoin will increase in value in the short term? Buy RBTC with your RUSD, and later sell RBTC to RUSD for a profit.

Lend and borrow on RLend

Put your RTM and RUSD to work for you

Trade with borrowed synthetics

Lend your RTM and RUSD to the liquidity pool and earn interest on your capital.
Use RUSD as collateral to borrow synthetic assets and trade them on RSwap, without ever leaving your wallet.

What’s the process?

On Fantom, you can access DeFi and trade directly from your wallet.

Deposit RTM
to your wallet
Mint RUSD with
your RTM
Use RUSD to trade,
lend, and borrow