Enterprise blockchain solutions

Rumito provides enterprise blockchain services centered around its innovative consensus-as-a-service solution.
With Rumito, you can build your public or private distributed ledger on a highly-scalable platform with fast settlement times.
Blockchain benefits for enterprises
Blockchains allow enterprises and institutions to optimize current processes, solve business problems, and create new opportunities.
Rumito offers scalable and secure blockchain solutions for both public and private networks.

Trust and transparency

Blockchains create trust by giving all parties access to reliable, immutable information. Data is shared across parties, making it more accurate and consistent.

Everyone (with permission) can verify the authenticity of the information, which improves transparency and reduces fraud.

The decentralized nature ensures that no one single entity can alter data because to update the ledger, the network needs to reach consensus first.


Blockchains come with several security benefits:

1. Information is stored in a distributed fashion over many nodes; no single point of failure exists that can be compromised.

2. Replicating information across nodes makes it accessible 24/7, ensuring high reliability.

3. The use of cryptography makes blockchains tamper-proof. By linking transactions to each other, changing transaction data becomes difficult.


Blockchains build trust without the need for trusted third-parties. This disintermediation helps to streamline operations and saves time and money.

Through the use of smart contracts, manual labor can be automated and tasks become programmable.

New opportunities

By embracing blockchains, businesses can offer new value propositions to customers that attract new clients and unlock additional revenue streams.

For example, banks may provide p2p trading or cheaper international remittances.

The advantages of Rumito

Rumito is designed to power your enterprise blockchain. We provide blockchain solutions that are adaptable to your needs and serve as a scalable infrastructure to unlock real-world business value.
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