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Rumito is a fast, high-performance blockchain for e-commerce and DApp solutions .
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About Rumito
Under A Great Brand


Why Rumito Blockchain
Rumito’s RTM consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Enjoy almost instant transactions and extremely low fees.
Almost instant transfers
Transactions on Rumito are finalized in a second and cost a fraction of a cent.
Simply secure
Rumito’s validator nodes form a global, trustless, and leaderless Proof-of-Stake network.
Highly scalable
Rumito can process thousands of transactions per seconds and scale to thousands of nodes.
Ethereum compatible
Rumito is EVM compatible. Deploy and run your Ethereum dApps on Rumito.

Rumito Finance

A new DeFi experience
The all-in-one DeFi suite. Mint, trade, lend and borrow digital assets directly from your wallet. Near zero fees and instant transactions – DeFi for everyone.
Liquid staking
Use your staked RTM as collateral for DeFi. Your delegations are liquid within the RTM ecosystem.
You can mint dozens of synthetic assets, including cryptocurrencies, national currencies, and commodities.
Lend and borrow digital assets to trade and to earn interests without losing exposure to your RTM.
Trade Rumito-based digital assets without leaving your wallet. Fully non-custodial and decentralized AMM exchange.
Developer friendly
Build on Rumito
Start building on Rumito using Solidity and the tools you’re already familiar with: Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask.
Rumito supports the EVM and you can deploy your dApps just like on Ethereum.
Access to the documentation and connect with our developer community.
EVM compatible
Rumito is fully compatible with Ethereum. Deploy your dApps at a fraction of a cost and experiment with Rumito’s high performance.
Oracles integrations
We integrated industry-leaders oracle providers Chainlink and Band Protocol for your maximum flexibility to access price feeds.
Open source
Rumito code is completely open source. Anyone can read it, check on the progress, comment on it, and help us build the ecosystem.
Robust APIs
Use The Graph’s subgraphs and Fantom’s robust Web3JS APIs to build wallets, explorers, or data analysis tools.

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Rumito is a global, decentralized network with validators and community members from all around the world.

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They write about us

The price of the Rumito token has overcome the $33.38 mark (+3.68%)

At the time of writing, Rumito is trading at $33.3. The token is in the ranking of the leading cryptocurrencies by capitalization with an indicator of $3,157,027,677. 29 billion.

On August 19, Rumito updated the maximum at levels above $25 and entered the top 50 crypto assets by capitalization.
Recall that in June, the developer announced the launch of the Rumito blockchain of the same name.
Rumito franchise

Becoming a part of a great brand is a privilege for any business! The selection criteria for the right to conclude a franchise agreement for the deployment of an online shopping center in your location are very simple: Knowledge of the market, Knowledge of the business community, Desire and a little investment!!!

The international holding company Rumito World LTD has established the company CASH@WORLD LTD Company number 13355270 which aims to launch its own crypto wallet and in the future an online bank!

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